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Below is an outline of class descriptions for Allegro Performing Arts Centre.  We have listed the following class descriptions to assist you when selecting your classes.  Please see our "Dance Programme" guidelines for more information.  

Ballet is the basis and foundation of all dance forms.  Dancers wishing to excel in other disciplines including Jazz, Tap, Modern, Musical Theatre, Hip-Hop and Lyrical should include ballet in their curriculum.  The benefits of taking ballet include development of technical strength, body awareness (including posture), self discipline, and musicality.  Ballet training provides dancers with the opportunity to develop grace, poise, fitness and self-confidence, as well as a joy of dance and an appreciation of classical music.  Although Allegro does not offer ballet exams, our Ballet Faculty is fully trained and qualified to provide excellent ballet training for our dancers.

Jazz at Allegro Performing Arts Centre includes an energetic warm-up, stretching, combinations across the floor, as well as fast-paced, technical and FUN choreography!  Jazz dance can be seen everywhere from dance music videos to hit Broadway Shows.  Jazz dance emphasizes style, technique, expression and sharp, strong movements. 

Jazz Tech is designed for serious dancers wishing to excel in jazz by taking 2 jazz classes per week.  Jazz is your first class, and you would add Jazz Tech as your 2nd jazz class.  Jazz Tech is a wonderful compliment to jazz with an emphasis on flexibility exercises, contemporary Jazz styles, and of course technique!  ISTD exams are optional for dancers registered in Jazz Tech at Allegro.  Exams take place approximately every 2 years.  The ISTD is an internationally recognized Dance examining organization that gives dancers the opportunity to progress through a Jazz syllabus starting at a young age all the way to a professional teaching qualification!

Hip Hop at Allegro consists of warm-up and choreography.  High Energy dance combinations are taught so students can learn the latest styles and trends in Hip-Hop.  Hip Hop instructors at Allegro use the latest music in Hip-Hop and the classes are diverse, energetic and fun-filled!  A variety of hip-hop elements are taught to give students the opportunity to “groove” and to develop their own style. Hip-Hop teachers at Allegro are required to use “clean” lyrics only.

Lyrical Jazz places emphasis on flowing lyrical movements while incorporating Jazz and Ballet technique.  Lyrical teaches dancers to communicate emotion through the lyrics of the song they are dancing to.  Ballet and Jazz are recommended in order to take Lyrical.

Tap dancing is an intricate dance form where students develop rhythm, tap technique and musicality through percussive foot work.  Emphasis is placed on footwork as well as style and presentation of the upper body while moving those fast feet!  As Tap students at Allegro progress, they will have the option of taking ISTD exams.  Exams are offered approximately every two years.  The ISTD is an internationally recognized Dance examining organization that gives dancers the opportunity to progress through a Tap syllabus starting at a young age all the way to a professional teaching qualification!  Ballet and Jazz are recommended for Tap as they benefit tap dancers by strengthening their posture & musicality. 

Musical Theatre:  Students in musical theatre learn repertoire from Broadway Musicals, combining singing, dancing and acting in a positive and encouraging environment.  You learn to “come out of your shell” in this class!  Musical Theatre is a well-rounded class and improves your “Triple Threat” skills (dancing, singing and acting)!

Modern dance teaches you how to express yourself in a freer style exploring the use of the floor and off-balance movements. Be prepared to roll, jump and do lifts with your partner!  Students are encouraged to express themselves through contemporary movement, while also learning Modern techniques by Graham and Limon with emphasis on contraction, swing and release.  Ballet is recommended in order to take Modern.

Tap/Jazz combo classes are for dancers in Kindergarten, Grade 1 & Grade 2 at school.  Each combo class consists of half an hour Jazz and half an hour Tap.  This fun-filled class will perform either Tap or Jazz at the Recital (teachers choice).  See class descriptions for Tap and Jazz.

Tap/Jazz Combo – Primary 1 – (Kindergarten at School)

Tap/Jazz Combo – Primary 2 – (Grade One at School)

Tap/Jazz Combo – Primary 3 – (Grade Two at School)

Pre-School Classes (Tap/Creative Movement/Tumbling) Pre-School classes are for tiny dancers – age 3, 4 & 5 years.  In an atmosphere of encouragement and imagination, your little dancer will be introduced to some basic movements in Tap, Creative Movement and Tumbling.  Pre-School classes range from 45 minutes to 1 hour per class:

Tap:  Tap, Tap, Tap that's where we're at! Basic tap steps, action songs, singing and rhythm will keep these dancers moving and on their toes.

Creative Movement:  We clap, we sing, we move our feet to the rhythm and the beat. We wiggle and play with all sorts of props and boogie, boogie, boogie, 'til we almost drop. 

Tumbling:  Up and Down and all around. Little dancers will be introduced to basic tumbling movements to encourage an awareness of space and how they can move through it.

Please Note - Preschool 5 years - This class is a transition class between our Pre-School Programme and the Tap/jazz combo classes. This class will slowly remove the tumbling through out the year, and we will begin to spend more time focusing on Basic Ballet, Tap and Jazz technique.

Acro dance is a style of dance that combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. It is defined by its athletic character, its unique choreography, which seamlessly blends dance and acrobatics, and its use of acrobatics in a dance context.

Adult Classes at Allegro are offered in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary and Hip-Hop.  Adult classes are offered at the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Level (subject to enrolment).  To view class descriptions for Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Hip-Hop, please see above.  Please speak to an Allegro Faculty member to discuss the right level for you.

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