Birthday Dance Parties



Book your birthday dance party at Allegro Performing Arts Centre today!

Our parties are fun for both girls and boys!


Our most popular dance parties are:

Creative Dance Party: This party is filled with action & birthday songs, fun movement, as well as use of our props (wands, magic scarves, musical instruments, parachute and costumes)! These classes are fun, and have proven to be the most sought after, especially for 3-6 year olds!


Hip Hop Party: This party is filled with up beat Hip Hop and dance music. For this party, dancers will be led through a warm-up, cross-floor combinations and they will learn a combination (dance) they can perform for you at the end. This type of party is a big hit with the 7-12 year olds!


Jazz Dance Party: This party is filled with popular music. For this party, dancers will be led through a warm-up, cross-floor combinations and they will learn a combination (dance) they can perform for you at the end. This type of party is a big hit with the 7-12 year olds! (This party is best for those who want a class with more traditional Jazz technique).

PARTY BOOKING: Party bookings are are dependent upon studio and instructor availability.

PARTY FEE (including GST):



DANCE CLASS ONLY: Our Parties are $100.00 for a 45 minute-1 hour class (time is dependent on how fast paced the party moves through each of the planned songs) for up to 10 participants. It is an additional $5.00/friend above and beyond 10 participants. We will need a confirmation of numbers at least 1 week in advance if you will be over 10 guests.

DANCE CLASS & 1 HOUR USE OF KITCHEN FOR PARTY: We do not have a party room, however we do have a small kitchen, which you may use for an additional 1 hour after the party for an additional fee. It has a fridge, tables, chairs, a sink and microwave.  If you choose to use the kitchen, the party fee is a total of $150.00 for the 2 hours (dance class plus party). We do ask that the party clean up as best as they can after using the kitchen area. (Garbage in the bins provided and tables wiped off). You may decorate the kitchen, but we ask that you do not use tape or tacks to hang anything on our walls. WE SUGGEST A MAXIMUM OF 16 PARTY GUESTS IF BOOKING THE KITCHEN, AS IT IS A SMALL SPACE.

Other things to take note of when renting the kitchen space:

- Kitchen may be accessed 15 minutes prior to the start of using the space. For instance, if your dance class starts at 2:00 pm, your kitchen rental would start at 3:00 pm. Access to the kitchen would be available at 2:45 pm.

- All plates, napkins, tablecloths, decorations, cutlery, cups, cake knives etc to be provided by the renter.

Please contact us for more information.

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