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Allegro Performing Arts Centre, under the direction of Lesley Arnold, Nadine Cowland and Jennifer Viinikka, would like to welcome returning students and extend a warm welcome to all new students. Allegro's experienced and qualified faculty is proud to offer dance training for children and adults of all ages and abilities, beginners to pre-professionals. We provide a positive and professional environment  in which our students learn about dance as well as self-discipline. Over the years, we have developed one of the finest and most diverse dance programs offered in Victoria, B.C. Our ability to offer quality training in all disciplines and levels ensures that our students will learn in a healthy atmosphere, which will give them the self-confidence to succeed in all their future endeavors. 

Our award winning Performing Arts Centre is one of the largest on Vancouver Island!  Each dance studio is equipped with sprung dance floors and wall to wall mirrors.  We have 5 spacious, bright dance studios with an ocean view, large changing room, boys and girls washrooms, great parking, a comfortable waiting room for parents, and a spacious kitchen for the students to use between classes. 

Classes offered at Allegro include Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Lyrical, Musical Theatre and Hip-Hop.  Students are given the opportunity to participate in Victoria festivals, exams, conventions, master classes with guest teachers, and of course, in the year-end Recital!

Communicating with the Staff

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. Issues that typically come up are: having us hold a cheque  ($10.00 fee); changing accounts; making up missed classes. Since it is often difficult to communicate with the staff when they are between classes, we ask that you please email us with any questions: Contact us here.

Studio Notices    

Our website is constantly being updated with studio information. Many questions can be answered by reading this material. Newsletters are distributed frequently (by email) throughout the year - especially in the Spring as we lead up to the annual recital. If you are not receiving these notices please call the studio for an update or visit our website and click on 'NEWS'. Please make sure you are on Allegro's email distribution list, as all information is sent out by email.


Jewellery and Valuables


Allegro is NOT responsible for any articles left behind or misplaced at the studio or in the change room.


Students who are more than 15 minutes late for a class will be allowed to participate in that class at the discretion of the teacher. We ask that students be picked or dropped off no more than 15 minutes before or after their class. Allegro cannot be held responsible for supervising students before, in-between, or after class.


Missed Classes

It is up to the student to communicate with the office if a class will be missed. It is also the responsibility of the student to take a make-up class within two weeks of the missed class. Please talk to your teacher regarding the appropriate make-up class to take. Refunds or discounts are not given for missed classes. Doctor's notes will be taken into consideration. 


Drop-In Classes

If anyone would like to try a class, they are subject to a "Drop-in" fee of $15.00 per  class. If the dancer signs up for that class, the "Drop-in" fee will be credited to their class fees. Drop in fee is based upon a one hour class.  $25.00 for classes that exceed 1 hour.



Every class in the studio participates in the year-end Recital and their dances are rehearsed at their regular class time (NOTE: some adult classes opt not to participate). There are also dress rehearsals that will take place before Recital and attendance is mandatory. Dancers should have parental supervision during the dress rehearsals.  Allegro is not responsible for supervising students before, in-between or after the rehearsals. If you take more than one class, you may participate in more than one recital.


Costumes for Recital

At registration, we collect costume deposits of $60.00 per student, per class. The  deposit is post-dated for October 1st, 2017 and goes toward your child's costume for the recital. Please make this payment separate from your class fee payments. Please note:  All students must submit a costume deposit. Costume deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. Also, this is a deposit only. Any outstanding balance will be collected later in the Spring. If the cost of the costumes comes to less than the deposit, the balance will be refunded. Typically, costumes run from $80 - $110 each. Some sewing may be required to complete a costume and to save you money. We hire local, professional seamstresses to sew our costumes, or they are ordered from a professional costume Company. If you are interested in sewing costumes, it is a good idea to sew for your child's entire class so that the costumes will be exactly the same. Please leave your name and contact information at the front desk. Once your costume has been ordered, you will be responsible for purchasing it.

*Note: some teachers opt to purchase their costumes from a clothing store.

Classes designated “ADULT” require a costume deposit, but are refundable until January 15th. Adults participating in a “performance” class must determine whether they are going to perform or not by no later than January 15th.

Registering for Class

A student is considered registered after we have received the following:

-Completed and signed registration form

-Payment of registration fee

-Costume deposit payment for each class   

-Pre-authorized Debit Waiver form signed by the person responsible for payment (if choosing the P.A.D. method of payment).

-Cheque(s) or Pre-authorized Debit for the entire year, September 2017 to June 2018

Cash payments for classes will be accepted in two payments:   

- 50% payment due September 1st, 2017

- Balance due by January 1st, 2018

Dancers are permitted to participate in their class when all payments have been submitted to the office.

*Photos of your child may be used for educational or promotional purposes in any type of media, including our website.

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